Google dataset search and DOI for data in the ESA space science archives

  title={Google dataset search and DOI for data in the ESA space science archives},
  author={Arnaud Masson and Guido de Marchi and Bruno Mer{\'i}n and Maria Henar Sarmiento and David L. Wenzel and Beatriz Martinez},
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Subpixel-Scale Topography Retrieval of Mars Using Single-Image DTM Estimation and Super-Resolution Restoration
We propose using coupled deep learning based super-resolution restoration (SRR) and single-image digital terrain model (DTM) estimation (SDE) methods to produce subpixel-scale topography from
Оцінювання результативності науково-педагогічних досліджень: зарубіжний досвід
У статті проаналізовано зарубіжний досвід щодо оцінювання результативності науково-педагогічних досліджень  та виокремлено такі основні актуальні напрями: визначення критеріїв наукового дослідження,


A Model for Data Citation in Astronomical Research using Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)
The advantages of DOIs for data citation and best practices for integrating a DOI service in an astronomical archive are described and a pilot project carried out in collaboration with AAS Journals is reported on.
A data citation roadmap for scientific publishers.
This article presents a practical roadmap for scholarly publishers to implement data citation in accordance with the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles (JDDCP), a synopsis and
Google Dataset Search by the Numbers
This work analyzes the dataset metadata of Google's Dataset Search corpus, which is the largest and most diverse of its kind and identifies gaps and possible future work to help make data more discoverable.
The SPASE Data Model: A Metadata Standard for Registering, Finding, Accessing, and Using Heliophysics Data Obtained From Observations and Modeling
The history, structure, use, and future of the SPASE Data Model is provided, especially for space‐based observational data and associated observatories, instruments, and display data. Evolution of Structured Data on the Web
Historically, even though most Web sites were driven off structured databases, they published their content purely in HTML, and applications requiring access to the structured data underlying these Web pages had to build custom extractors to convert plain HTML into structured data.
Google unveils search engine for open data
The new feature, called Google Dataset Search, locates open data repositories, and should help researchers to find the data they need more easily.
Human-competitive tagging using automatic keyphrase extraction
This paper demonstrates how documents can be tagged automatically with a state-of-the-art keyphrase extraction algorithm, and improves performance in this new domain using a new algorithm, "Maui", that utilizes semantic information extracted from Wikipedia.
Introduction The Cluster mission
Abstract. The Cluster mission, ESA’s first cornerstone project, together with the SOHO mission, dating back to the first proposals in 1982, was finally launched in the summer of 2000. On 16 July and
A New Digital Terrain Model of the Huygens Landing Site on Saturn's Largest Moon, Titan
River valleys have been observed on Titan at all latitudes by the Cassini‐Huygens mission. Just like water on Earth, liquid methane carves into the substrate to form a complex network of rivers,