Google Android Operating System: A Review

  title={Google Android Operating System: A Review},
  author={P. P. Khanna and Amandeep Singh},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
Nowadays, as the developing of hardware for cellular phones is becoming much better, the performance index is significantly higher than the legitimate specifications of the software configuration. Features of Mobile phone's depends completely on software. As the Android operating system is getting considerably prominent, the application based around Android SDK appeals to much more attention. Because of technological advancement, mobile terminals have actually evolved into functionally… 

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FG-Droid: Grouping based feature size reduction for Android malware detection

  • R. Arslan
  • Computer Science
    PeerJ Comput. Sci.
  • 2022
FG-Droid is one of the tools to date with the shortest analysis time per application, an efficient classifier with few features, low analysis time, and high classification success was developed using a unique feature grouping method.

Design and Implementation of P2P Based Mobile App for Collaborative Learning in Higher Education

The aim of this work consists of the conception, the development and the implementa-tion of the mobile application based on Android system to support collaborative learning, by applying an object-oriented modeling language which is Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Pengembangan Aplikasi Anola Berbasis Android untuk Pembelajaran Atletik Nomor Lari Jarak Pendek

The purpose of this study is to describe the application development, practicality and effectiveness of android-based ANOLA application so that it can be used as a learning media for athletic material running number.

Blixt™ : An Available Bandwidth Measurements’ Approach for High-Speed Mobile Networks

This challenge has raised the bar for Quality of Services (QoS) provided by the mobile network operators and therefore the quality of services provided by these operators needs to be improved.

Development of User Interface for Multi-platform Applications Using the Model Driven Software Engineering Techniques

A Model-Driven approach will convert UML model into native codes which will help to develop mobile applications in less time which will generate high revenue for developers.



The research of Android System architecture and application programming

This thesis talks about the architecture of Android System and its application framework, and an application is developed as a client of twitter on Android System to better understand Android OS and Twitter API.

Android on Mobile Devices: An Energy Perspective

  • K. PaulT. K. Kundu
  • Computer Science
    2010 10th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology
  • 2010
This work compared Android JAVA performance with popular Sun embedded JVM running on top of Angstrom linux and shows that Android provides better VM designs but consumes more energy due to lack of dynamic compiler in Dalvik JVM.

Android privacy

This paper explains what kind of data is at risk and how to acquire them programmatically without the user's permission and shows how the Android API is used to perform Spyware to obtain the sensitive information.

The architecture design of streaming media applications for Android OS

  • Xueliang ZhaoD. Tian
  • Computer Science
    2012 IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Automation Engineering
  • 2012
The thesis designed the streaming engine layer between Linux kernel layer and application framework layer of Android platform and constructed fast and convenient streaming media application development framework and the architecture was applied in the wisdom medical terminal project.

Android: Changing the Mobile Landscape

The mobile phone landscape changed last year with the introduction of smart phones running Android, a platform marketed by Google. Android phones are the first credible threat to the iPhone market.

Open Android-For better and for worse [Tools & Toys]

Besides its cute little green robot mascot, what is it about Android that makes it so popular among device manufacturers and developers alike? In a word, openness. For developers, Android's license

Securing Android-Powered Mobile Devices Using SELinux

Google's Android framework incorporates an operating system and software stack for mobile devices that includes Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), which can help reduce potential damage from a successful attack.

An in-vehicle infotainment software architecture based on google android

A proof-of-concept architecture developed in cooperation between Magneti Marelli and Politecnico di Torino is presented, whose main contribution is an automotive-oriented extension of Google Android that provides features for combining extendibility and safety requirements.