Goodwillie calculus

  title={Goodwillie calculus},
  author={Gregory Z. Arone and Michael Ching},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Topology},
We survey the theory and applications of Goodwillie's calculus of homotopy functors and related topics. 
Unitary calculus: model categories and convergence
We construct the unitary analogue of orthogonal calculus developed by Weiss, utilising model categories to give a clear description of the intricacies in the equivariance and homotopy theory
Goodwillie Calculus and Geometric Stacks
We show Goodwillie’s calculus of functors and n-geometric Dstacks share similar features by starting to focus on the convergence of Taylor towers for homotopy functors and the fact that RF (A) ∼=
On the Goodwillie derivatives of the identity in structured ring spectra
The aim of this paper is three-fold: (i) we construct a naturally occurring highly homotopy coherent operad structure on the derivatives of the identity functor on structured ring spectra which can


Homology and cohomology of E∞ ring spectra
Abstract.Every homology or cohomology theory on a category of E∞ ring spectra is Topological André–Quillen homology or cohomology with appropriate coefficients. Analogous results hold more generally
Finite type knot invariants and the calculus of functors
  • I. Volić
  • Mathematics
    Compositio Mathematica
  • 2006
We associate a Taylor tower supplied by the calculus of the embedding functor to the space of long knots and study its cohomology spectral sequence. The combinatorics of the spectral sequence along
Higher Topos Theory
This purpose of this book is twofold: to provide a general introduction to higher category theory (using the formalism of "quasicategories" or "weak Kan complexes"), and to apply this theory to the
Abstract We formulate a theory of pointed manifolds, accommodating both embeddings and Pontryagin–Thom collapse maps, so as to present a common generalization of Poincaré duality in topology and
Coformality and rational homotopy groups of spaces of long knots
We show that the Bousfield-Kan spectral sequence which computes the rational homotopy groups of the space of long knots in R-d for d >= 4 collapses at the E 2 page. The main ingredients in the proof
The Goodwillie tower of the identity functor and the unstable periodic homotopy of spheres
Abstract. We investigate Goodwillie's “Taylor tower” of the identity functor from spaces to spaces. More specifically, we reformulate Johnson's description of the Goodwillie derivatives of the
Multiple disjunction for spaces of smooth embeddings
We obtain multirelative connectivity statements about spaces of smooth embeddings, deducing these from analogous results about spaces of Poincare embeddings that were established in our previous
A vanishing theorem in homological algebra
Deriving calculus with cotriples
We construct a Taylor tower for functors from pointed categories to abelian categories via cotriples associated to cross effect functors. The tower was inspired by Goodwillie's Taylor tower for
On the algebraic K-theory of higher categories
We prove that Waldhausen K-theory, when extended to a very general class of quasicategories, can be described as a Goodwillie differential. In particular, K-theory spaces admit canonical (connective)