[Good rules for cervical cytologic sampling].


There are still many little problems concerning methods about cervical cytology sampling. Are there some risks of teaching Papanicolaou smear technique? In which day of the cycle is it better to do sampling? How long in advance is it better to avoid sexual relations, and do not use any vaginal douching? Is it better to remove in advance cervical mucus? When should the sampling be done if the colposcopy is made in the same time? How should you behave if the cervix is not exposed? How many slides have to be spreaded? Which is better, the fixation with alcohol or aerosol? Where should the sampling be repeated? Is the patient anamnesis reliable? What should it mean the presence of some parasites and some foreign bodies manifested on the slide? Different answers have been given to reply to these questions and to some others. Smear's collecting is a simple method, but it needs an exact manual skill and an adherence to some precise rules. A relevant part of the final result depends how sampling has be done. Improvements must be done in every link of chain events.

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