Good Riddance to "The Family": A Response to David Popenoe

  title={Good Riddance to "The Family": A Response to David Popenoe},
  author={Judith Stacey},
  journal={Journal of Marriage and Family},
  • J. Stacey
  • Published 1 August 1993
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Marriage and Family
Pediatric nursing care with post-divorce families : a multiple segment factorial vignette investigation
This study investigated nurse responses to variability in children’s family structure and common post-divorce coparenting or custody dynamics and proposed that family structure is an important social determinant of health overlooked in previous SDOH research.
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Disturbing the Nest: Family Change and Decline in Modern Societies
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How marital dissolution affects children: Variations by age and sex.
Etude examinant les effets du divorce des parents sur plusieurs mesures du bien-etre de 1197 enfants (problemes comportementaux et psychologiques, performances scolaires)