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Good Reduction of Affinoids on the Lubin-Tate Tower

  title={Good Reduction of Affinoids on the Lubin-Tate Tower},
  author={Jared Weinstein},
  • Jared Weinstein
  • Published 2010
  • Mathematics
  • We analyze the geometry of the tower of Lubin- Tate deformation spaces, which parametrize deformations of a one- dimensional formal module of height h together with level structure. According to the conjecture of Deligne-Carayol, these spaces realize the local Langlands correspondence in their `-adic cohomology. This conjecture is now a theorem, but currently there is no purely local proof. Working in the equal characteristic case, we find a family of affinoids in the Lubin-Tate tower with good… CONTINUE READING

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