Good Read, Old Story

  title={Good Read, Old Story},
  author={Jon C. Teaford},
  journal={Reviews in American History},
  pages={350 - 354}
  • J. Teaford
  • Published 30 August 2006
  • History
  • Reviews in American History
"We have so many studies of the [Haymarket] riot and the trial that it would be impossible to justify another," wrote Bruce Nelson in 1988.1 Certainly the literature on the subject has been copious. Immediately following the trial in 1886 anarchist Dyer Lum published "a concise history" of the event, attacking the prosecution's case. Two years later George McLean answered with a withering assault on the defendants in The Rise and Fall of Anarchy, followed in 1889 by Chicago police captain… 


The Haymarket Bomb: Reassessing the Evidence
The Haymarket affair of 1886 is a landmark in American social and political history. On May 4, 1886, a rally was called to protest the previous day’s shooting of strikers by Chicago police at the
The Haymarket Tragedy
This is the first paperback edition of a moving appraisal of the infamous Haymarket bombing (May 1886) and the trial that followed it--a trial that was a cause celebre in the 1880s and that has since
For a recent examination of the chemical analysis of the Haymarket bomb
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