Good Guys Can Finish First: How Brand Reputation Affects Extension Evaluations

  title={Good Guys Can Finish First: How Brand Reputation Affects Extension Evaluations},
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Practices of brand extensions and how consumers respond to FMCG giants’ greening attempts

We aim for a deeper understanding of how the theory of green brand extension is effectively used in brand management practice. Therefore, we conducted three consecutive studies to unfold corporate

How Life-Role Transitions Shape Consumer Responses to Brand Extensions

Life-role transition is a state wherein people pass through different life stages, involving changes in identities, roles, and responsibilities. Across six studies, the current research shows that

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Stakeholders’ demand for corporate social responsibility (CSR) not only creates pressure on the corporation, but corporations are also themselves aware about leading CSR activities’ reporting and

Exploring consumers’ perceptions of corporate social responsibility and negative responses to e-commerce service failures: A stress and coping perspective

The current study investigates whether consumers’ perceptions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) reduces their negative responses to e-commerce service failures through applying the

Is Distant Extension Always Upset? Neural Evidence of Empathy and Brand Association Affect Distant Extension Evaluation

Distant brand extension as an essential strategy of obtaining benefits was highly focused on the normal marketing practice and academic research. In the current study, we aim to recognize that how

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This study examines the effects of nostalgia marketing on consumers’ evaluation of a brand extension product. In Study 1, participants who were presented with nostalgic advertisements gave more

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Purpose As the cosmetic surgery industry grows and diversifies, societal beauty standards have shifted to include images of surgically enhanced bodies. With the increased use of influencer



Self-Reporting CSR Activities: When Your Company Harms, Do You Self-Disclose?

AbstractCompanies increasingly view corporate social responsibility (CSR) as an important dimension of corporate reputation. This is at least partly motivated by the understanding that a strong CSR

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The Company and the Product: Corporate Associations and Consumer Product Responses:

Although brand theorists suggest that what a person knows about a company (i.e., corporate associations) can influence perceptions of the company's products, little systematic research on these eff...

A Process-Tracing Study of Brand Extension Evaluation

Results of a laboratory experiment in which response times and verbal protocols were used to examine processes related to the evaluation of brand extensions showed that subjects’ attitudes toward brand extensions were correlated highly with their ratings of brand extension typicality.

Stock Market Reactions to Brand Extension Announcements: The Effects of Brand Attitude and Familiarity

Brand equity components, brand attitude and brand name familiarity, influence not only the positive benefits but also the adverse consequences that follow brand leveraging. Making use of event study

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The research presented in this article addresses the issue of the significance and relative importance of the determinants of extension success by simultaneously investigating ten success factors.

Public Service Advertisements: Emotions and Empathy Guide Prosocial Behavior

The authors develop and test a theory of how public service advertisements function to induce helping responses. Building on Lazarus's general theory of emotion and adaptation, they hypothesize that

Evaluation of Brand Extensions: The Role of Product Feature Similarity and Brand Concept Consistency

When a brand's concept is consistent with those of its extension products, the prestige brand seems to have greater extendibility to products with low feature similarity than the functional brand does.