Gonorrhoea or chlamydia in a U.S. military HIV-positive cohort.

  title={Gonorrhoea or chlamydia in a U.S. military HIV-positive cohort.},
  author={Alicen B Spaulding and Alan R. Lifson and Erik R Iverson and Anuradha Ganesan and Michael L. Landrum and Amy C. Weintrob and Brian K. Agan and Mary F Bavaro and Robert J. O'Connell and Grace E. Macalino},
  journal={Sexually transmitted infections},
  volume={88 4},
OBJECTIVES To investigate the epidemiology and risk factors of gonorrhoea (GC) or chlamydia (CT) coinfection in an HIV-positive US military cohort, focusing on the time after participants' knowledge of HIV diagnosis. METHODS The authors analysed data from 4461 participants enrolled in the U.S. Military Natural History Study cohort for GC or CT infection… CONTINUE READING