• Materials Science
  • Published 2008

Goniometer electrochromic indicator for skin sealant

  title={Goniometer electrochromic indicator for skin sealant},
  author={スミス、モリー・ケー and ドゥ、バオ・チョン and マクドナルド、ジョン・ギャビン},
A film forming agent such as cyanoacrylate, skin sealant composition comprising a goniometer chromic dye or pigment is provided. The addition of mica / metal oxide powder to the skin sealant composition, the goniometer electrochromic appearance of mica / metal oxide (e.g., color or gloss) by said sealant composition becomes possible to visually recognize the coated region . On the other hand, looking at the coated sealant composition from a particular angle, the color is transparent, it can be… CONTINUE READING