Gonadotropin-releasing hormone-induced calcium signaling in clonal pituitary gonadotrophs.

  title={Gonadotropin-releasing hormone-induced calcium signaling in clonal pituitary gonadotrophs.},
  author={F Merelli and Stanko S. Stojilkovic and Tetsuya Iida and Lazar Z. Krsmanovic and Lixin Zheng and Pamela L Mellon and Kevin J. Catt},
  volume={131 2},
In agonist-stimulated clonal pituitary gonadotrophs (alpha T3-1 cells), cytoplasmic calcium ([Ca2+]i) exhibited rapid and prominent peak increases, followed by lower, but sustained, elevations for up to 15 min. The [Ca2+]i response to GnRH was rapidly inhibited by prior addition of a potent GnRH antagonist. In the absence of extracellular Ca2+ the initial peak [Ca2+]i response was only slightly decreased, but the prolonged increase in [Ca2+]i was abolished, indicating that the peak is derived… CONTINUE READING


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