Gonadotrophin and thyrotrophin receptors.

  title={Gonadotrophin and thyrotrophin receptors.},
  author={Edwin Milgrom and Nicolas de Roux and Nicolae Ghinea and Isabelle Beau and Hugues Loosfelt and Brigitte Vannier and Jean François Savouret and Micheline Misrahi},
  journal={Hormone research},
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Gonadotrophin and thyrotrophin receptors belong to a subgroup of G-protein-coupled receptors. These receptors are characterized by a large extracellular domain that is responsible for the binding of the hormone. Soluble receptors, such as some luteinizing hormone receptors, arise from premessenger RNA alternative splicing, or, in the case of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) receptors, by the cleavage and shedding of the ectodomain. Follicle-stimulating hormone and TSH receptors are restricted… CONTINUE READING