Gomphidae of Guangdong & Hong Kong, China (Odonata: Anisoptera)

  title={Gomphidae of Guangdong \& Hong Kong, China (Odonata: Anisoptera)},
  author={Keith D. P. Wilson and Zai-fu Xu},
Guangdong is located in south China, which is recognized as a global centre of biodiversity for Gomphidae. Taxonomic and faunistic information is provided for 24 poorly known species of Gomphidae from Guangdong and Hong Kong. A total of 50 gomphid species belonging to 25 genera are enumerated, including 12 newly recorded from Guangdong and one newly recorded from Hong Kong. Four species are synonymised, one subspecies is promoted to species status and new generic combinations are provided for… 
A new species of Lamelligomphus Fraser, 1922 (Odonata: Gomphidae) from southern Yunnan, China.
Lamelligomphus annakarlorum sp. nov. is described based on specimens collected from southern Yunnan Province, China (holotype male: Xishuangbanna National Nature Reserve, 21°57'59''N, 101°12'37''E,
Phylogenetic relationships of North American Gomphidae and their close relatives
The first molecular phylogeny of Gomphidae is presented, including six of the eight subfamilies previously suggested to be valid, and evaluates generic relationships within them, especially those North American species groups that have been commonly treated as subgenera of GOMphus.
Reconsideration of the genera Merogomphus Martin, 1904, and Anisogomphus Selys, 1857, including erection of a new genus, with a new species and discussion of additional specimens from Cambodia.
The published records of 'Merogomphus parvus' from Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Vietnam are reidentified as E. yunnanensis, and new records and illustrations of this species from Cambodia are provided.
An annotated check list of Hong Kong dragonflies and assessment of their local conservation significance
Dragonflies were surveyed at 33 sites across the territory of Hong Kong Special Ad­ ministrative Region over the period 2016­2017. Surveys included identification of larvae, exuviae and adults, and
Phylogeny, classification and taxonomy of European dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata): a review
A review of the extensive but fragmentary literature on the phylogeny, classification and taxonomy of European Odonata, providing summary phylogenies for well-studied groups and an ecological, biogeographic and evolutionary context where possible.
A description of the final stadium larva of Leptogomphus elegans Lieftinck, with a discussion of taxonomic characters of the larvae of the genus Leptogomphus Selys (Odonata: Gomphidae)
The final stadium larva of Leptogomphus elegans Lieftinck is described and illustrated for the first time and the taxonomic characters are discussed and summarized.