Goldstone tensor modes

  title={Goldstone tensor modes},
  author={Tom Adawi and Martin Cederwall and Ulf Gran and Bengt E. W. Nilsson and Behrooz Razaznejad},
  • Tom Adawi, Martin Cederwall, +2 authors Behrooz Razaznejad
  • Published 1999
  • Physics
  • In the context of brane solutions of supergravity, we discuss a general method to introduce collective modes of any spin by exploiting a particular way of breaking symmetries. The method is applied to the D3, M2 and M5 branes and we derive explicit expressions for how the zero-modes enter the target space fields, verify normalisability in the transverse directions and derive the corresponding field equations on the brane. In particular, the method provides a clear understanding of scalar… CONTINUE READING

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