Golden goose or wild goose? The hunt for the green consumer

  title={Golden goose or wild goose? The hunt for the green consumer},
  author={Kenneth John Peattie},
  journal={Business Strategy and The Environment},
  • K. Peattie
  • Published 1 July 2001
  • Business
  • Business Strategy and The Environment
The green consumer has been the central character in the development of green marketing, as businesses attempt to understand and respond to external pressures to improve their environmental performance. Marketing practitioners and academics are attempting to identify and understand green consumers and their needs, and to develop market offerings that meet these needs. So far there is little consensus about the identity and nature of green consumers, except that they have been something of a… 
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The paper proposes that “going green” goes beyond having recyclable or even sustainable products, to an ideology that incorporates improving worker morale and retention, and giving back to the communities they are located in.


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  • Business, Economics
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