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Golden Rules of Verification, Validation, Testing, and Certification of Modeling and Simulation Applications

  title={Golden Rules of Verification, Validation, Testing, and Certification of Modeling and Simulation Applications},
  author={Osman Balci},
The ever-increasing complexity of the problems we try to solve using modeling and simulation (M&S) poses significant technical challenges for substantiating the sufficient accuracy and certification of M&S applications. This paper presents 20 golden rules to guide an M&S practitioner in conducting verification, validation, testing, and certification. Proper application of these golden rules increases the probability of success in establishing the sufficient credibility of an M&S application. 
Increasing Validity of Simulation Models Through Metamorphic Testing
This work proposes taking the metamorphic testing (MT) approach from the realm of software verification and applying it for validating executable simulation models, and demonstrates the successful application of MT toward validating three different simulation models: an ABM of gossip propagation, anABM of cancer, and a DES of airport check-in and security.
Metamorphic Testing for Hybrid Simulation Validation
The effectiveness of Metamorphic Testing, an approach from traditional software testing, is demonstrated by applying it on a case study of helping behavior among servers in a restaurant.
History of verification and validation of simulation models
The history of verification and validation of discrete-event simulation models as seen through the eyes of its authors and their experiences is given.
Towards a framework for more robust validation and verification of simulation models for systems of systems
The proposed framework is applied to integration of formal analytic and simulation verification methods where there is a need to have confidence that the properties proved for idealized abstract models also hold in more realistic models which gave rise to the abstractions.
Quantitative Measurements of Model Credibility
A method for quantified confidence of DEVS validation
A technique to quantify confidence in the validity of DEVS models is proposed, which can be utilized to discuss the level of validity of a model and compare competing models, and continues the DEVS trend of making modeling and simulation more formal, and increasing standardization of the modeling and Simulation process.
A framework for simulation validation coverage
A validation coverage metric is proposed to quantify the validation performed on a simulation model based on the possible validation that could be performed on it and it is found that the coverage metric can be used to quantify validation on a variety of simulation models.
A life cycle for modeling and simulation
The M &S life cycle describes a framework for organization of the processes, work products, quality assurance activities, and project management activities required to develop, use, maintain, and reuse a M&S application from birth to retirement.
How to successfully conduct large-scale modeling and simulation projects
  • O. Balci
  • Engineering
    Proceedings of the 2011 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC)
  • 2011
The M &S life cycle is critically needed to modularize and structure a large-scale M&S application development, and to provide valuable guidance for conducting an M&s project successfully.
Toward Generating Sufficiently Valid Test Case Results: A Method for Systematically Assigning Test Cases to Test Bench Configurations in a Scenario-Based Test Approach for Automated Vehicles
This work proposes and illustrates a method for systematically assigning test cases to test bench configurations in a scenario-based test approach for automated vehicles that allows for the effective and efficient execution of a large number of test cases while generating sufficiently valid test case results.


A methodology for certification of modeling and simulation applications
A unifying methodology is presented that can be used for certification of any kind of M&S application either throughout the M &S development life cycle or after the development is completed.
Expanding our horizons in verification, validation, and accreditation research and practice
The strategic directions provide guidelines for successful VV&A research and practice and can only be met by using a very broad spectrum of approaches and expanding the horizons in VV &A.
A methodology for cost-risk analysis in the statistical validation of simulation models
A methodology is presented for constructing the relationships among model user's risk, model builder's risk, acceptable validity range, sample sizes, and cost of data collection when statistical