Gold nanoparticles protected by fluorinated ligands for 19F MRI.


Gold nanoparticles coated with fluorinated ligands (F-MPCs) present features suitable for (19)F MRI as observed from phantom experiments. Cellular uptake, by HeLa cells, and toxicity of fluorescent dye-decorated F-MPCs are presented together with their ability to bind hydrophobic molecules allowing for a potential combination of targeting, delivery and imaging features.

DOI: 10.1039/c3cc44572k

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@article{Boccalon2013GoldNP, title={Gold nanoparticles protected by fluorinated ligands for 19F MRI.}, author={Mariangela Boccalon and Paola Franchi and Marco Lucarini and Juan Jos{\'e} Delgado and Fernanda Sousa and Francesco Stellacci and Ileana Zucca and Alessandro Scotti and Roberto Spreafico and Paolo Pengo and Lucia Pasquato}, journal={Chemical communications}, year={2013}, volume={49 78}, pages={8794-6} }