Gold nanoparticles as radiation sensitizers in cancer therapy.

  title={Gold nanoparticles as radiation sensitizers in cancer therapy.},
  author={Devika Chithrani and Salomeh Jelveh and Farid Jalali and Monique van Prooijen and Christine Allen and Robert G. Bristow and Richard Peter Hill and David Anthony Jaffray},
  journal={Radiation research},
  volume={173 6},
Among other nanoparticle systems, gold nanoparticles have been explored as radiosensitizers. While most of the research in this area has focused on either gold nanoparticles with diameters of less than 2 nm or particles with micrometer dimensions, it has been shown that nanoparticles 50 nm in diameter have the highest cellular uptake. We present the results of in vitro studies that focus on the radiosensitization properties of nanoparticles in the size range from 14-74 nm. Radiosensitization… CONTINUE READING