Gold nanocages as photothermal transducers for cancer treatment.

  title={Gold nanocages as photothermal transducers for cancer treatment.},
  author={Jingyi Chen and Charles Glaus and Richard Laforest and Qiang Zhang and Miaoxian Yang and Michael Gidding and Michael J. Welch and Younan Xia},
  volume={6 7},
Plasmonic nanomaterials have received considerable attention for cancer diagnosis and therapy. Gold nanostructures with optical properties tunable in the near-infrared (NIR) region (650 to 900 nm) are particularly attractive for hyperthermia based on the photothermal effect. In this optical window, the attenuation of light by blood and soft tissue is relatively low, allowing for deep penetration. The key component of this approach is a photothermal transducer capable of absorbing light with a… CONTINUE READING


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