Gold-catalyzed synthesis of dicarboxylic and monocarboxylic acids

  title={Gold-catalyzed synthesis of dicarboxylic and monocarboxylic acids},
  author={Anna Kulik and Alexander Janz and M Pohl and Andreas Martin and Angela Koeckritz},
Vicinal dihydroxy derivatives of oleic acid, methyl oleate, and erucic acid were converted by oxidative cleavage to the respective di- and monocarboxylic acids according to an environmentally benign process carried out in the presence of supported gold catalysts and molecular oxygen as oxidant in an aqueous-basic medium. Au(0) nanoparticles with particle sizes between 0.5 and 4.1 nm were deposited as catalytically active species on different oxidic supports. The influence of the catalyst… CONTINUE READING