Gold-Catalyzed Meyer−Schuster Rearrangement: Application to the Synthesis of Prostaglandins

  title={Gold-Catalyzed Meyer−Schuster Rearrangement: Application to the Synthesis of Prostaglandins},
  author={Rub{\'e}n S. Ram{\'o}n and Sylvain Gaillard and Alexandra M. Z. Slawin and Alessio Porta and Alessandro D'alfonso and Giuseppe Zanoni and Steven P. Nolan},
Synthetic pathway paved with gold: An improved protocol for the Meyer−Schuster rearrangement is presented using novel gold catalysts. This method is used to provide a straightforward synthetic approach to prostaglandins. 
Gold catalysis in total synthesis--an update.
In this critical review, the strongly increasing amount of new applications of gold catalysis in total synthesis is summarised and, for the new developed methods, the mode of activation of the
Recent Developments in the Meyer‐Schuster Rearrangement
A century after its discovery, the Meyer-Schuster rearrangement appears as a very useful method to prepare α,β-unsaturated carbonyl derivatives. This comprehensive review highlights the progress of
Controlling regiochemistry in the gold-catalyzed synthesis of unsaturated spiroketals.
A novel gold-catalyzed synthesis of unsaturated spiroketals that addresses regioselectivity issues commonly reported in metal-catalysis of alkynes is reported, and should be widely applicable in the synthesis of a broad range of spiro ketals.
Golden Opportunities in the Synthesis of Natural Products and Biologically Active Compounds
Summary This chapter contains sections titled Introduction Gold-Catalyzed Formation of Oxygen-Containing Heterocycles Gold-Catalyzed Formation of Nitrogen-Containing
Gold meets rhodium: tandem one-pot synthesis of β-disubstituted ketones via Meyer-Schuster rearrangement and asymmetric 1,4-addition.
An asymmetric one-pot tandem Au/Rh-catalyzed synthesis of highly enantioenriched β-disubstituted ketones starting from racemic propargyl alcohols is disclosed. The compatibility of the two metal
Gold(I)-catalyzed, stereocontrolled enamide synthesis from primary amides and propargyl aldehydes using a tandem strategy.
The developed synthetic strategy provides a new method to synthesize various β-substituted α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds through Au(I)-catalyzed tandem amide addition and Meyer-Schuster rearrangement.
The Z-enoate assisted, Meyer-Schuster rearrangement cascade: unconventional synthesis of α-arylenone esters.
A novel concept of reverse polarization of the M-S intermediate allenyl cation has been realized by employing a cis-enoate assisted strategy in the metal free synthesis of complex, highly functionalized cyclic as well as acyclic α-arylenones.
Generation of gold carbenes in water: efficient intermolecular trapping of the α-oxo gold carbenoids by indoles and anilines
The efficient intermolecular reaction of gold carbene intermediates, generated via gold-catalyzed alkyne oxidation, with indoles and anilines has been realized in aqueous media. Importantly, it was
Gold-catalyzed tandem cycloisomerization/functionalization of in situ generated α-oxo gold carbenes in water.
A gold-catalyzed tandem cycloisomerization/functionalization of in situ generated α-oxo gold carbenes in water has been developed, which provides ready access to highly functionalized indole
Gold‐ N‐Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes of Mineral Acids
We have synthesized and characterized new gold‐N‐heterocyclic carbene (NHC) complexes derived from the deprotonation of mineral acids. The use of sulfuric acid was a particularly interesting case.