Going green with eco-friendly dentistry.

  title={Going green with eco-friendly dentistry.},
  author={B. Avinash and B. S. Avinash and B. Shivalinga and S. Jyothikiran and M. Padmini},
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Eco-friendly dentistry is currently transforming the medical and dental field to decrease its affect on our natural environment and reduce the amount of waste being produced. Eco-friendly dentistry uses a sustainable approach to encourage dentists to implement new strategies to try and reduce the energy being consumed and the large amount of waste being produced by the industry. Many reasonable, practical and easy alternatives do exist which would reduce the environmental footprint of a dental… Expand
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Taking a step towards greener future: A practical guideline for eco-friendly dentistry
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Eco-friendly dentistry: not a matter of choice.
“eco-friendly” dentistry is an approach to dentistry that implements sustainable practices by keeping resource consumption in line with nature’s economy, by safeguarding the external environment through the elimination or reduction of outgoing wastes and by promoting the wellbeing of all those in the clinical environment. Expand
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An ISO-certified amalgam particle separator was effective in removing the amalgam from the wastewater and about 60% of the waste generated during the removal of amalgams escaped the primary and secondary solids collectors and was released into the wastewater. Expand