Gods associated with male fertility and virility

  title={Gods associated with male fertility and virility},
  author={Filipe Tenorio Lira Neto and Perry Bach and Ricardo Jose Lisboa Lyra and Jarys Cabral Borges Junior and G. T. d. S. Maia and Leslie Clifford Noronha Ara{\'u}jo and S. V. C. Lima},
BACKGROUND Human fertility has always been a topic of curiosity and devotion. [] Key Method Based on the information retrieved, we selected those deities directed related to male fertility and/or virility and further deepened the search using Pubmed and Medline databases for peer-reviewed articles as well as books and articles about ancient mythology.

Infertility Treatment Now and in the Future.

  • K. Doody
  • Medicine
    Obstetrics and gynecology clinics of North America
  • 2021

History and future perspectives of male aesthetic genital surgery

The main effort of the scientific community should be directed towards the design of new randomized controlled trials to increase the evidence on the efficacy and safety of the topic, with the ultimate aim of allowing clear recommendations from scientific societies.



An Evaluation of the Historical Importance of Fertility and Its Reflection in Ancient Mythology

The gathered data indicated the multiplicity and variety of fertility symbols in ancient myths and common symbols of fertility and reproduction in ancient civilizations and evaluate the reasons of their continuous importance in different cultures.

Reproduction concepts and practices in ancient Egypt mirrored by modern medicine.

The Prospect before her : a history of women in Western Europe

This book brings together a mass of detailed and dispersed material on women in early modern Europe, as well as giving readers a new interpretation of the considerable study of women which has

Kingship and the Gods: A Study of Ancient Near Eastern Religion as the Integration of Society and Nature

This classic study clearly establishes a fundamental difference in viewpoint between the peoples of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. By examining the forms of kingship which evolved in the two

Penile representations in ancient Greek art.

The representation of the over-sized and erected genitalia on vase figures or statues of ancient Greek art is related to fertility gods such as Priapus, Pan and Satyrs and there is strong evidence that imagination and legend were replacing the scientific achievements in the field of erectile function for many centuries.

The Divine Madman: The Sublime Life and Songs of Drukpa Kunley

The Divine Madman is the first biography to appear in the West of a Tibetan Crazy Adept "at work". This is the "secret biography" of one of Tibet's foremost saints, the Buddha Drukpa Kunley. Heralded

The Case Report of Priapus and a Modern Approach to an Ancient Affliction.

Cassell Dictionary of Classical Mythology

This is an A-Z guide to the mythology of the classical world, covering all the principal myths, gods and goddesses, together with the personalities, places, animals, monsters, heavenly bodies and

Who's who in the New Testament

This contains 300 A-Z entries covering every person in the New Testament. It takes biblical and archaeological research into account, and pays attention to places linked with the major events of