God's things and Caesar's: Jehovah's Witnesses and political neutrality

  title={God's things and Caesar's: Jehovah's Witnesses and political neutrality},
  author={Jolene Chu},
  journal={Journal of Genocide Research},
  pages={319 - 342}
  • Jolene Chu
  • Published 1 September 2004
  • Engineering
  • Journal of Genocide Research
Had the SS intercepted the lyrics of prisoner Erich Frost’s defiant song before it could be smuggled out of the camp, they might have enjoyed a good laugh. They also might have executed Frost for his boldness. Instead, the song made its way safely out of Sachsenhausen concentration camp and into the songbook of Jehovah’s Witnesses, where it remains to this day. Frost’s song recalls a most uneven conflict, one that pitted a well-oiled genocidal regime against small religious community. Jehovah’s… 
The Reich Military Court and Its Values: Wehrmacht Treatment of Jehovah’s Witness Conscientious Objectors
  • T. Kehoe
  • Political Science
    Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  • 2019
Between 1939 and 1945, the highest Wehrmacht court—the Reichskriegsgericht (RKG)—condemned hundreds of Jehovah’s Witness conscientious objectors to death. Though the law permitted lesser sentences,
Jehovah's Witnesses in National Socialist concentration camps, 1933 – 45*
With thousands incarcerated in the prisons and concentration camps of the ‘Third Reich’, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or Ernste Bibelforscher (Earnest Bible Students), were among the main and earliest victim
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Social disinterest, governmental disinformation, renewed persecution, and now manipu- lation of history?
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