Goblet cell carcinoids and related tumors of the vermiform appendix.

  title={Goblet cell carcinoids and related tumors of the vermiform appendix.},
  author={Allen P. Burke and Leslie H. Sobin and Birgitte Hartnack Federspiel and Kris M. Shekitka and Elson B. Helwig},
  journal={American journal of clinical pathology},
  volume={94 1},
Appendiceal carcinoids with glandular differentiation pose difficulties in classification and prediction of clinical behavior. Sixty-four such cases were divided into three histologic groups on the basis of routine and immunohistochemical stains: (1) Tubular carcinoids were small and confined to the appendix, had small amounts of intraluminal mucin with few or no goblet cells, were nonargentaffin, lacked serotonin, and were diffusely positive for glucagon. All ten with follow-up (mean, 17… CONTINUE READING


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