GoPros™ as an underwater photogrammetry tool for citizen science


Citizen science can increase the scope of research in the marine environment; however, it suffers from necessitating specialized training and simplified methodologies that reduce research output. This paper presents a simplified, novel survey methodology for citizen scientists, which combines GoPro imagery and structure from motion to construct an ortho… (More)
DOI: 10.7717/peerj.1960


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@inproceedings{Raoult2016GoProsAA, title={GoPros™ as an underwater photogrammetry tool for citizen science}, author={Vincent Raoult and Peter A. David and Sally F. Dupont and Ciaran P. Mathewson and Samuel J. O’Neill and Nicholas N. Powell and Jane E. Williamson}, booktitle={PeerJ}, year={2016} }