Go nuts and go extra virgin olive oil! Mediterranean diets reduce blood pressure.

  title={Go nuts and go extra virgin olive oil! Mediterranean diets reduce blood pressure.},
  author={Agneta {\AA}kesson},
  volume={64 1},
See related article, pp 69–76 The high population burden of hypertension and elevated blood lipids and glucose, risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD), not only emphasize the need for available efficient treatment, but also underscore the need for effective prevention. Above all, effective lifestyle-based prevention is essential because population-wide strategies to shift the entire distribution of risk cannot solely rely on prescription medication. The most reliable form of scientific… 

What is the best diet for cardiovascular wellness? A comparison of different nutritional models

This review evaluates the critical factors that increase CVD risk and the potential application and benefits of nutritional protocols to ameliorate dietary and lifestyle patterns for CVD prevention.

Cardio-metabolic and immunological impacts of extra virgin olive oil consumption in overweight and obese older adults: a randomized controlled trial

The results indicate that substitution of oils used in a typical American diet with extra virgin olive oil in overweight and obese older adults may have cardio-metabolic and immunological health benefits.

Dietary Risk Factors and Eating Behaviors in Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)

The role of well-studied diets and prevalent eating behaviors, including anorexia, bulimia, skipping meals, home cooking and fast/ultra-processed food consumption, in the development and progression of PAD are reviewed.

Chronotype and cardio metabolic health in obesity: does nutrition matter?

The evening chronotype has an increased risk to be associated to type 2 diabetes mellitus and CVD, although the cross-sectional design cannot establish causality.

Influence of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Supplement and Combined Exercise on Health-Related Physical Fitness, Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors, and Bone Density in Obese Elementary Students

There were positive responses for body composition and cardiovascular disease risk factors for the twofold cases through combined exercise and high extra virgin olive oil supplement, but not for bone density.



Effect of the Mediterranean diet on blood pressure in the PREDIMED trial: results from a randomized controlled trial

Both the traditional Mediterranean diet and a low-fat diet exerted beneficial effects on BP and could be part of advice to patients for controlling BP, however, lower values of diastolic BP were found in the two groups promoting the Mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil or with nuts than in the control group.

Effects of a Mediterranean-Style Diet on Cardiovascular Risk Factors

A large-scale feeding trial in high-risk participants to assess the effects of 2 Mediterranean diets, one supplemented with virgin olive oil and the other supplemented with mixed nuts, compared with a low-fat diet on cardiovascular outcomes.

Components of a Cardioprotective Diet: New Insights

The need to prioritize selected foods and overall dietary patterns rather than only individual nutrients, the relevance of carbohydrate and fat quality as well as quantity, the effects and policy implications of sodium consumption, the importance of energy balance, and the role of dietary supplements represent several key findings of interest.

Association of dietary, circulating, and supplement fatty acids with coronary risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Current evidence does not clearly support cardiovascular guidelines that encourage high consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids and low consumption of total saturated fats.

Mediterranean Diet Reduces 24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, and Lipids: One-Year Randomized, Clinical Trial

In high-risk individuals, most with treated hypertension, MedDiets supplemented with extravirgin olive oil or nuts reduced 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure, total cholesterol, and fasting glucose.

Effects of a Mediterraneanstyle diet on cardiovascular risk factors : a randomized trial

  • Ann Intern Med
  • 2006