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Gniewosz plamisty Coronella austriaca [Laurenti, 1768] w Ojcowskim Parku Narodowym

  title={Gniewosz plamisty Coronella austriaca [Laurenti, 1768] w Ojcowskim Parku Narodowym},
  author={B. Wisniowski and Robert Rozwałka},
Diversity of helminths in polish reptiles: a review
The purpose of this review was to summarise the current species richness of helminths in the reptiles from Poland and to provide a host-parasite list along with studied localities and to focus on host species for which intestinal parasite data are poorly known i.e. E. orbicularis , Z. longissimus , C. austriaca .
The occurrence and the characteristics of Coronella austriaca austriaca [Laurenti, 1768] [Serpentes: Colubridae] in Western Poland
Populations of Coronella a. austriaca, a species which is a rapidly disappearing species in mid-western Poland, have been examined for 16 years. In 13 out of 16 recorded sites 1-2 live or dead