GmZIP1 encodes a symbiosis-specific zinc transporter in soybean.

  title={GmZIP1 encodes a symbiosis-specific zinc transporter in soybean.},
  author={Sophie Moreau and Rowena Thomson and Brent N Kaiser and Ben Trevaskis and Mary Lou Guerinot and Michael K. Udvardi and Alain Puppo and David A Day},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={277 7},
The importance of zinc in organisms is clearly established, and mechanisms involved in zinc acquisition by plants have recently received increased interest. In this report, the identification, characterization and location of GmZIP1, the first soybean member of the ZIP family of metal transporters, are described. GmZIP1 was found to possess eight putative transmembrane domains together with a histidine-rich extra-membrane loop. By functional complementation of zrt1zrt2 yeast cells no longer… CONTINUE READING

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