GmFT2a Polymorphism and Maturity Diversity in Soybeans

  title={GmFT2a Polymorphism and Maturity Diversity in Soybeans},
  author={Bingjun Jiang and Yanlei Yue and Youfei Gao and Liming Ma and Shi Jing Sun and Cunxiang Wu and Wensheng Hou and Hon Ming Lam and Tianfu Han},
  booktitle={PloS one},
BACKGROUND Soybean is a short-day crop of agricultural, ecological, and economic importance. The sensitive photoperiod responses significantly limit its breeding and adaptation. GmFT2a, a putative florigen gene with different transcription profiles in two cultivars (late-maturing Zigongdongdou and early-maturing Heihe 27) with different maturity profiles… CONTINUE READING