Gm and Inv Factors in Subclasses of Human Igg

  title={Gm and Inv Factors in Subclasses of Human Igg},
  author={William D. Terry and John L. Fahey and Arthur Steinberg},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={1087 - 1102}
Human G myeloma (7S gamma(2)-myeloma) proteins were investigated for relationships between Gm and Inv genetic factors and the different antigenic types of heavy polypeptide chains (gamma-chains) and light polypeptide chains. Myeloma proteins were isolated from the sera of 1 Chinese, 60 white and 28 Negro individuals. These 89 proteins were tested for eight Gm factors [Gm(a), Gm(x), Gm(b(2)), Gm(f), Gm(b(1)), Gm(b(3)), Gm(b(4)), and Gm(c)], and two Inv factors [Inv(l) and Inv(b)]. Results of the… CONTINUE READING