Glypican-6 promotes the growth of developing long bones by stimulating Hedgehog signaling

  title={Glypican-6 promotes the growth of developing long bones by stimulating Hedgehog signaling},
  author={M. Capurro and Tomomi Izumikawa and P. Suarez and W. Shi and M. Cydzik and Tomoyuki Kaneiwa and J. Gari{\'e}py and L. Bonafė and J. Filmus},
  journal={The Journal of Cell Biology},
  pages={2911 - 2926}
  • M. Capurro, Tomomi Izumikawa, +6 authors J. Filmus
  • Published 2017
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of Cell Biology
  • Autosomal-recessive omodysplasia (OMOD1) is a genetic condition characterized by short stature, shortened limbs, and facial dysmorphism. [...] Key Result The Hh-stimulatory activity of GPC6 was also observed in cultured cells, where this GPC increased the binding of Hh to Patched 1 (Ptc1). Consistent with this, GPC6 interacts with Hh through its core protein and with Ptc1 through its glycosaminoglycan chains. Hh signaling is triggered at the primary cilium.Expand Abstract
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    Glypican-6 stimulates intestinal elongation by simultaneously regulating Hedgehog and non-canonical Wnt signaling.
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