Glycosyl hydroperoxides: a new class of potential antimalarial agents.

  title={Glycosyl hydroperoxides: a new class of potential antimalarial agents.},
  author={Barbara Szechner and Anna Jaromin and Silvia Parapini and Nicoletta Basilico and Barbara Grzeszczyk and Bartłomiej Furman and Marek Chmielewski},
  journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry},
  volume={23 13},
  • Barbara Szechner, Anna Jaromin, +4 authors Marek Chmielewski
  • Published in
    Bioorganic & medicinal…
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Motivated by the antimalarial properties observed in organic peroxides, an extensive series of glycosyl hydroperoxides was prepared with the aim of identifying new bioactive molecules. Selected compounds were tested against a Plasmodium falciparum culture (chloroquine-susceptible strain D10 and chloroquine-resistant strain W2). Screening results indicated that the factors critical for antimalarial activity were the presence of a hydroperoxide moiety and solubility in water at pH 5.0. Moreover… CONTINUE READING

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