Glycosaminoglycans: key players in cancer cell biology and treatment.

  title={Glycosaminoglycans: key players in cancer cell biology and treatment.},
  author={Nikos A. Afratis and Chrisostomi Gialeli and Dragana Nikitovic and Theodore Tsegenidis and Evgenia G Karousou and Achilleas D. Theocharis and Mauro S{\'e}rgio Gonçalves Pav{\~a}o and George N Tzanakakis and Nikos K Karamanos},
  journal={The FEBS journal},
  volume={279 7},
Glycosaminoglycans are natural heteropolysaccharides that are present in every mammalian tissue. They are composed of repeating disaccharide units that consist of either sulfated or non-sulfated monosaccharides. Their molecular size and the sulfation type vary depending on the tissue, and their state either as part of proteoglycan or as free chains. In this regard, glycosaminoglycans play important roles in physiological and pathological conditions. During recent years, cell biology studies… CONTINUE READING


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