Glycopeptide antibiotics: Back to the future

  title={Glycopeptide antibiotics: Back to the future},
  author={Mark S Butler and Karl A Hansford and Mark A T Blaskovich and Reena Halai and Matthew A. Cooper},
  journal={The Journal of Antibiotics},
Glycopeptide antibiotics have been a key weapon in the fight against bacterial infections for over half a century, with the progenitors, vancomycin (1) and teicoplanin (2), still used extensively. The increased occurrence of resistance and the effectiveness of these ‘last resort’ treatments for Gram-positive infections has led to the discovery and clinical development of second generation, semisynthetic lipoglycopeptide derivatives such as telavancin (3), dalbavancin (4) and oritavancin (5… CONTINUE READING
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