Glyconanoparticles as multifunctional and multimodal carbohydrate systems.

  title={Glyconanoparticles as multifunctional and multimodal carbohydrate systems.},
  author={Marco Marradi and Fabrizio Chiodo and Isabel Garc{\'i}a and Soledad Penad{\'e}s},
  journal={Chemical Society reviews},
  volume={42 11},
The quest for the construction of multivalent carbohydrate systems, with precise geometries that are highly efficient in interacting with carbohydrate binding proteins, has been a goal of synthetic chemists since the discovery of the multivalent nature of carbohydrate-mediated interactions. However, the control of the spatial and topological requirements for these systems is still a challenge. Glyconanoparticles (GNPs) are sugar-coated gold, iron oxide or semiconductor nanoparticles with… CONTINUE READING


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