Glycogen storage disease type II in Israel.

  title={Glycogen storage disease type II in Israel.},
  author={Nava Bashan and Ruth Potashnik and Varda Barash and Alisa Gutman and Shimon W. Moses},
  journal={Israel journal of medical sciences},
  volume={24 4-5},
Eighteen patients with alpha-glucosidase deficiency have been diagnosed in Israel during the last 15 years. All patients were Palestinian Arabs, with the exception of two siblings from a Jewish Iraqi family. Clinically all patients had the infantile type (Pompe's disease), except one who had the juvenile type. Muscle glycogen content varied from 4 to 17% wet weight. Muscle alpha-glucosidase activity was zero in 10 of 17 patients examined. Among the seven patients in whom residual activity was… CONTINUE READING

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