Glycodelin from seminal plasma is a differentially glycosylated form of contraceptive glycodelin-A.

  title={Glycodelin from seminal plasma is a differentially glycosylated form of contraceptive glycodelin-A.},
  author={Hannu Koistinen and Riitta A Koistinen and Anne Dell and Howard R. Morris and Richard L Easton and Manish S Patankar and Sergio Carlos Oehninger and Gary F. Clark and Markku Sepp{\"a}l{\"a}},
  journal={Molecular human reproduction},
  volume={2 10},
Glycodelin-A is a human amniotic fluid-derived glycoprotein with contraceptive and immunosuppressive activities. An immunoreactive form of glycodelin was detected in seminal plasma over a decade ago, but definitive characterization of this glycoprotein was not pursued. We considered it unlikely that the seminal plasma of fertile men would contain an appreciable amount of contraceptive glycodelin-A. To address this issue we purified seminal plasma glycodelin (glycodelin-S) and performed… CONTINUE READING


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