Glyco-genes change expression in cancer through aberrant methylation.

  title={Glyco-genes change expression in cancer through aberrant methylation.},
  author={Aleksandar Vojta and Ivana Samar{\vz}ija and Luka Bo{\vc}kor and Vlatka Zoldo{\vs}},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1860 8},
BACKGROUND Most eukaryotic proteins are modified by covalent addition of glycan molecules that considerably influence their function. Aberrant glycosylation is profoundly involved in malignant transformation, tumor progression and metastasis. Some glycan structures are tumor-specific and reflect disturbed glycan biosynthesis pathways. METHODS We analyzed DNA methylation and expression of 86 glyco-genes in melanoma, hepatocellular, breast and cervical cancers using data from publicly available… CONTINUE READING


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