Glycine betaine and proline betaine in human blood and urine.

  title={Glycine betaine and proline betaine in human blood and urine.},
  author={Michael Lever and Peter C M Sizeland and L M Bason and C M Hayman and Stephen Thomas Chambers},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1200 3},
In healthy human subjects, glycine betaine concentrations in the blood plasma are normally between 20 and 60 mumol/l, adult males tending to have higher concentrations than females. Proline betaine concentrations are more variable, ranging from undetectable to about 50 mumol/l. Both betaines are present in urine. Whereas the urinary excretion of proline betaine reflects plasma concentrations, with high clearance rates, there is no correlation between plasma and urine glycine betaine… CONTINUE READING

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