Glycemic and insulinemic response to preexercise carbohydrate feedings.

  title={Glycemic and insulinemic response to preexercise carbohydrate feedings.},
  author={John G. Seifert and Gregory L. Paul and Dennis E. Eddy and Robert A. Murray},
  journal={International journal of sport nutrition},
  volume={4 1},
The effects of preexercise hyperinsulinemia on exercising plasma glucose, plasma insulin, and metabolic responses were assessed during 50 min cycling at 62% VO2max. Subjects were fed a 6% sucrose/glucose solution (LCHO) or a 20% maltodextrin/glucose solution (HCHO) to induce changes in plasma insulin. During exercise, subjects assessed perceived nauseousness and light-headedness. By the start of exercise, plasma glucose and plasma insulin had increased. In the LCHO trial, plasma glucose values… CONTINUE READING