Glutamine-dependent changes in gene expression and protein activity.

  title={Glutamine-dependent changes in gene expression and protein activity.},
  author={R. A. Curi and Claudia Jacques Lagranha and Sonia Quatelli Doi and Donald F. Sellitti and Joaquim Proc{\'o}pio and T{\^a}nia Cristina Pithon-Curi},
  journal={Cell biochemistry and function},
  volume={23 2},
The functions of glutamine are many and include, substrate for protein synthesis, anabolic precursor for muscle growth, acid-base balance in the kidney, substrate for ureogenesis in the liver, substrate for hepatic and renal gluconeogenesis, an oxidative fuel for intestine and cells of the immune system, inter-organ nitrogen transport, precursor for neurotransmitter synthesis, precursor for nucleotide and nucleic acid synthesis and precursor for glutathione production. In the present review… CONTINUE READING


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