Glutamine and glucose metabolism in enterocytes of the neonatal pig.

  title={Glutamine and glucose metabolism in enterocytes of the neonatal pig.},
  author={Guoyao Wu and Darrell A. Knabe and Wene Yan and Nick E. Flynn},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={268 2 Pt 2},
Glutamine and glucose metabolism was studied in 0- to 21-day-old pig enterocytes. Cells were incubated at 37 degrees C for 30 min in Krebs-Henseleit bicarbonate buffer (pH 7.4) in the presence of 2 mM [U-14C]glutamine with or without 5 mM glucose, or 5 mM [U-14C]glucose with or without 2 mM glutamine. Glutamine was metabolized to ammonia, glutamate, alanine, aspartate, CO2, citrulline, ornithine, and proline, whereas glucose was converted to lactate, pyruvate, and CO2 in pig enterocytes. CO2… CONTINUE READING
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