Glutamine Analogues As Adjunctive Therapy for Infectious Diarrhea.

  title={Glutamine Analogues As Adjunctive Therapy for Infectious Diarrhea.},
  author={Benedito Carneiro-filho and Oluma Yoseph Bushen and Gerly A.C. Brito and Aldo {\^A}ngelo M Lima and Richard Littleton Guerrant},
  journal={Current infectious disease reports},
  volume={5 2},
Glutamine is the major fuel for the gut as well as for many cells in the immune system that becomes conditionally essential during catabolic states. Glutamine supplementation improves intestinal mucosal repair and function. Glutamine, even at high doses, is without side effects and is well tolerated. Though unstable in solution, this is overcome by creating stable dipeptides such as alanyl-glutamine. In HIV-positive patients with wasting, glutamine enhances intestinal absorptive function and… CONTINUE READING


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