Glutamate receptor subunit expression in primary enteric glia cultures.

  title={Glutamate receptor subunit expression in primary enteric glia cultures.},
  author={Georg B. T. von Boyen and Martin Steinkamp and Guido Adler and Joachim Kirsch},
  journal={Journal of receptor and signal transduction research},
  volume={26 4},
Excitotoxicity, which is mediated via glutamate receptors, is also a phenomenon of the enteric nervous system. Whether enteric glial cells (EGCs), which resemble astrocytes of the central nervous system, express glutamate receptors and hence are involved in gut excitotoxicity is not yet known. To investigate glutamate receptor subunit expression in EGCs, primary EGC cultures of the myenteric plexus were analyzed by real-time PCR and Western blotting. These studies indeed showed that in EGC… CONTINUE READING