Glutamate-immunoreactivity in the retina and optic tectum of goldfish.

  title={Glutamate-immunoreactivity in the retina and optic tectum of goldfish.},
  author={Glenn H. Kageyama and Ronald L. Meyer},
  journal={Brain research},
  volume={503 1},
Glutamate was immunohistochemically localized in the goldfish retina and tectum at the light and electron microscopic (E.M.) levels using double affinity purified antisera against glutaraldehyde conjugated L-glutamate. In retina, glutamate-immunoreactivity (Glu+) was observed in cone inner segments, cone pedicles, bipolar cells, a small number of amacrine cells and the majority of cells in the ganglion cell layer. The latter were shown to be ganglion cells by simultaneous retrograde labeling… CONTINUE READING