Glutamate Receptor GluR3 Antibodies and Death of Cortical Cells

  title={Glutamate Receptor GluR3 Antibodies and Death of Cortical Cells},
  author={Xiao-ping He and Manisha B. Patel and Karl D. Whitney and Sridevi Janumpalli and Andrea Joan Tenner and James O. McNamara},
Rasmussen's encephalitis (RE), a childhood disease characterized by epileptic seizures associated with progressive destruction of a single cerebral hemisphere, is an autoimmune disease in which one of the autoantigens is a glutamate receptor, GluR3. The improvement of some affected children following plasma exchange that removed circulating GluR3 antibodies (anti-GluR3) suggested that anti-GluR3 gained access to the central nervous system where it exerted deleterious effects. Here, we… CONTINUE READING