Glueballs and Their Kaluza-klein Cousins

  title={Glueballs and Their Kaluza-klein Cousins},
  author={Glueballs and Their Kaluza-Klein Cousins},
  • Glueballs, Their Kaluza-Klein Cousins
  • Published 1998
Spectra of glueball masses in non-supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory in three and four dimensions have recently been computed using the conjectured duality between superstring theory and large N gauge theory. The KaluzaKlein states of supergravity do not correspond to any states in the Yang-Mills theory and therefore should decouple in the continuum limit. On the other hand, in the supergravity limit g Y MN → ∞, we find that the masses of the Kaluza-Klein states are comparable to those of the… CONTINUE READING
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