Glucose requirement for postischemic recovery of perfused working heart.

  title={Glucose requirement for postischemic recovery of perfused working heart.},
  author={Robert T Mallet and Douglas A Hartman and Rolf B{\"u}nger},
  journal={European journal of biochemistry},
  volume={188 2},
The quantitative importance of glycolysis in cardiomyocyte reenergization and contractile recovery was examined in postischemic, preload-controlled, isolated working guinea pig hearts. A 25-min global but low-flow ischemia with concurrent norepinephrine infusion to exhaust cellular glycogen stores was followed by a 15-min reperfusion. With 5 mM pyruvate as sole reperfusion substrate, severe contractile failure developed despite normal sarcolemmal pyruvate transport rate and high intracellular… CONTINUE READING
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