Glucose intolerance in an employed population.

  title={Glucose intolerance in an employed population.},
  author={E Mikuni and T Ohoshi and Kazutaka Hayashi and Koichi Miyamura},
  journal={The Tohoku journal of experimental medicine},
  volume={141 Suppl},
Differences in glucose intolerance within various occupational groups, i.e. laborers, clerks, and managers, and the related environmental factors were studied in ca. 9000 male workers of a certain factory. Age-and weight-adjusted prevalence rates of glucose intolerance were 3.2% in the laborers, 5.8% in the clerks, and 9.3% in the managers. In the managers, the total intake of calories was excessive for the amount of exercise expended; food intake was relatively low in complex carbohydrates and… CONTINUE READING
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